Acquisition / Disposal

The acquisition/disposal of new, under-utilized or excess real estate assets is never simple or straightforward. Lease compliance, buy-out negotiation, and improvement removal are critical issues. CIREA provides 'turn-key' solutions for you!



CIREA provides relocations to new marketplaces, in-depth evaluation, regional and local market expertise, and integrated support services, plus international, world-class service providers. We will be your logistic, hands-on, direct support service provider throughout the relocation process.



Multilingual, our professionals and sales associate partners have Local and Global market expertise! CIREA Represents U.S. interests overseas, and foreign investors in the U.S. We hold memberships in multiple international real estate organizations, giving you worldwide market access to worldwide business.

Environmental Engineering

Property occupancy (owned or leased) has long term and legal implications when environmental issues are involved. CIREA analyzes, remediates, and eliminates environmental problems for our clients.

  • Chemical, air, and water issues
  • Physical, mechanical, and bioremediation
  • Site analysis
  • EPA Compliance



Information to knowledge ... knowledge to action, are both critical activities for asset management success. CIREA provides lease abstraction analysis, management tracking reports, portfolio review, owned and leased asset analysis. Information and knowledge ... creating monetary results!